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Who We Serve

The Aurora Fire District was organized in 1948 and serves an area of 64 square miles in both Marion and Clackamas Counties.  We serve approximately 6,000 permanent residents with an assortment of different businesses, schools, airports and major highways & railways.  

Aurora protects the cities of Aurora and Donald, other surrounding communities and rural farm lands.  The citizens within the Aurora Fire District enjoy one of the lowest tax rates in our region.  AFD receives almost its entire funding from property taxes.  This funding comes through a permanent tax rate and temporary funding from a local option levy.


Aurora Fire District is governed by an elected five-member Board of Directors and managed by professional staff.  We have eight staff employees, including a full-time Administrative Assistant.  We also have six resident students that help out when they are not at school.  The majority of our coverage is staffed with volunteers that respond at all times of the day and night.  If you're interested in joining our team as a volunteer or resident, CLICK HERE.

What We Offer

The Aurora Fire District offers a variety of emergency services.  We provide fire suppression, rescue, emergency medical response and hazardous materials response to our District and as mutual aid.  Did you know that Aurora Fire primarily responds to requests for Emergency Medical Services?  Medicals account for a approximately 52% of our responses annually. Aurora Fire provides this service by providing the opportunity for members to become dual certified as firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians or Emergency Medical Responders. 


CLICK HERE to learn how you can become a Firefighter/EMT.

Aurora Fire also provides many non-emergency services to the public. We provide many Fire Prevention services which include our smoke detector program, address sign program, fire extinguisher training, school fire safety classes and much more.  We also participate in community events such as the Hazelnut Festival and Aurora Colony Days.  


If you're interested in learning more please feel free to swing by the Aurora Fire Station during office hours and say hello.  We also provide station tours with an appointment.

Mission of the Aurora Fire District


The mission of the Aurora Fire District lies primarily in the following programs and performance areas:


  • The prevention of injury, loss of life and property from fire and its effects.

  • The suppression of destructive fire.

  • Provision of rescue and emergency medical services.

  • Community support through public service activities.


The mission is collectively carried out through the successful coordination of activities within the following areas: Fire Prevention, Operations, Facilities, Maintenance, Training, Emergency Medical Services and Administration.

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