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Address Sign Program




If you had an emergency, would we be able to find you?


Firefighters utilize many tools to try to find and get to the location of an emergency.  Many homes, especially in rural areas, are set back from the road, and sometimes not visible at all from the road.  Due to this, we highly recommend the rural community post a clearly visible address sign at the end of their driveway so we can find their home in the event of an emergency.


We offer an address sign program that allows residents of the Aurora Fire District to purchase signs through us, and firefighters will install them for you.

Order your sign here:

You can submit your payment

in person or by mail:

Aurora Fire District

Attn: Address Sign

21390 Main St. NE
Aurora, OR 97002



Single Sided: $45 (Installed)


Double Sided: $50 (Installed)


Custom Address Signs also available upon request.


We will arrange for a locate to confirm there are no underground utilities and install the sign within a week of receiving it.


Orders could take 6-8 weeks from your order to installation, so get your order form in now.

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