Aurora Fire District Fire Chiefs

Fire Chief Joshua Williams 


Chief Williams came to Aurora Fire District in 2018 to serve as Fire Chief with over 30 years of experience in the fire service. Chief Williams came to Aurora Fire from Depoe Bay Fire which included sending a crew to the Chetco Bar Fire in 2017. 

Fire Chief Rod Yoder 


Chief Yoder started out as a volunteer firefighter with the district in 1975, back when he still had a day job working on his family's multigenerational farm growing onion sets. Yoder's family has lived in the Aurora area for well over a century, and both his father and grandfather were farmers and volunteer firefighters. Chief Yoder has been the district's chief from 1985-2018.

Fire Chief Wayne Yoder 


A volunteer firefighter for Aurora Fire District for 62 years, 18 of those he was the Fire Chief. Aurora Fire District lost Chief Yoder in 2015.

Aurora Fire District History