Aurora Fire would like to provide the best service we can to our citizens and business owners. In order to do so, we need access to locations for alarms or emergencies after hours, or when you might not be able to provide that access to your business or home.  Firefighters will utilize tools to provide access as necessary, and unfortunately at times this would require forcing our way in.  This could include cutting or breaking our way through gates, doors and/or windows.  In order to avoid damage to gates, doors and windows of your home or business, we have implemented a Knox Box lock box program.  Please read below for additional information.

Knox Rapid Entry System Information Bulletin.pdf

Commercial Knox Box Program

We highly encourage all businesses and schools to install and maintain a Knox Box for each property or building they own, lease or rent.  In the event of an emergency it is very important for emergency personnel to have the ability to easily access your gate and/or buildings without damaging them.  


Oregon Fire Code (OFC) Section 506 allows the Authority Having Jurisdiction (Aurora Fire) to require an approved lock box for all structures that restrict access for life-saving or fire-fighting purposes.  At this time Aurora Fire may require a lock box for all new commercial/industrial construction and will only recommend a lock box for existing businesses.


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Residential Knox Box Program

Knox box also offers residential lock boxes.  This would be an essential tool for Firefighter/EMT's to be able to access your home in the event of an emergency.  All Knox box master keys are secured in our Knox box master key retention box and only accessible by emergency personnel during an emergency.  Access to the key is secured and limited.


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