As a resident volunteer with Aurora Fire you will be expected to attend courses in emergency services at their school.  While attending courses you will be required to work on your assigned District task performances.


Once you complete our training evaluation you will be responsible for continuing your training as a responder.  You will attend weekly drill on Monday evenings. You will be paired with experienced Firefighter and/or EMT and Fire Officers to complete tasks on emergency alarms and during training events.  Once you have completed all of your task check-offs and your probationary period, you will become a full responder in your field of study and continue your learning through practical application.  You will be provided with constant feedback on performance to prepare you for a career in emergency services.



Resident Volunteers are allowed to participate on shifts as a responder with volunteers and staff. Resident's will report to their officer and be assigned duties and tasks as a career firefighter would. Resident's will be monitored for work ethic, performance and skills knowledge throughout the day, both in training and on emergency scenes.  


Resident volunteers are expected to be full time students with a local college, working toward a degree in emergency services.  During your residency with us you are expected to maintain an acceptable GPA.


As a Resident you will be expected to attend and participate in many training exercises on a weekly basis.  There are also day drills that are conducted by staff and volunteers to provide additional opportunity to complete task books and skills evaluations.  


For more information on the resident volunteer program please contact us by submitting an interest card.

For additional questions please come see us or give us a call.  Contact information is listed below.