As a firefighter with Aurora Fire you will be expected to complete a firefighter academy and District task performances.  You will begin a basic fire academy by conducting online training, participate in in-person practical skills orientation and training.


Once you complete our training program you will be responsible for continuing your training as a responder by attending district training and completing online course requirements.  You will be required to attend at minimum 50% per quarter of the available fire training. You will be paired with experienced Firefighters and Fire Officers to complete tasks on emergency incidents and during training events.  Once you have completed all of your task performance requirements and your probationary period, you will receive your Firefighter 1 certification through the Oregon Department of Safety Standards and Training (DPSST).



Firefighters work to contain or extinguish all destructive fires in our Fire District and surrounding Fire Districts as mutual aid.  Firefighters train to fight structure, wildland and other hazardous fires. Firefighters are also trained in different types of rescue and CPR.  We encourage all of our firefighters to become dual certified.  Firefighters can also become State certified Emergency Medical Responders (EMR) or Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT).  This training would be conducted after firefighter training has been completed.


Firefighters also have an opportunity to advance after firefighter training is complete. Firefighters continue their training to include certifications as apparatus drivers, pumper operators, and water tender operators.  Firefighters will learn the skills necessary to operate the fire engines, brush units and water tenders to support firefighters during fire suppression operations.



The in-district firefighters provide on-call response services to the District.  You would be a home responder that will be added to a notification system and respond to emergencies when you are available to do so. When the alarm sounds your personal phone will alert you via an application and notify you of the type of incident and location. You would drive your personal vehicle to your assigned fire station and join other volunteers and staff to respond to the emergency.  In order to qualify you must reside within the Aurora Fire District boundaries and be willing to respond at all hours.



We are currently accepting applications for out-of-district volunteers as well.  Although we encourage anyone interested in volunteering to attempt to volunteer for their nearest fire station, some organizations don't offer a volunteer program.  As an out-of-district volunteer you would be required to complete the requirements above, with the exception of living within our District.  You would be required to spend a minimum of 36 hours a month in one of our stations on standby to respond to emergencies.  As an out-of-district volunteer you would assist with responses by joining home responders and staff members to respond to all types of emergencies.


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