Fire Extinguisher Training



If a fire were to break out at your business, would you be ready to extinguish it?  


We offer on-site fire extinguisher training to you and your employees if your business or organization is in our Fire District.


Cost: $0 - There is no cost to you!


Our firefighters know the importance of having trained people to extinguish or contain fires when they occur.   This helps reduce smoke and fire damage to your business, and hopefully allows you to get back up and running quick.  


Training Outline:

  • Firefighters will schedule a time to meet with you and your members

  • We will come to your location and setup

  • We will provide a quick overview of fire safety and fire extinguisher use

  • Employees will all have an opportunity to participate in extinguishing a training fire with fire extinguishers


This class takes approximately 30-45 minutes for a group of 10 people.


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Aurora Fire Station
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Donald Fire Station

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*Please call the Office number for Aurora if you are in need non-emergent assistance.



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