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Medical responders are members who would like to serve our District, but are not interested or capable of becoming combat firefighters.  Medical responders complete either an Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) course or Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) course through a State accredited organization.




  • Must be at least 18 years of age.  

  • Complete and submit an application. 

  • Conduct a panel officer's interview.

  • Must pass a pre-employment background check and physical.  




As an Emergency Medical Responder you will be required to attend a training at a State accredited organization and complete either the Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) or Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) course.  You will also be required to complete a fire district orientation program to become familiar with the District operations and standard operating procedures and guidelines. Medical Responders are required to attend 33% of the available medical training and must meet minimum continuing education hours with the State to maintain their license.



An EMR is the beginner level of State Emergency Medical Training that teaches the basics of emergency medical care for patients.  EMR's are required to attend 40 hours of classroom and practical skills training at an accredited organization.  EMR's will become Licensed through the State of Oregon and be capable of providing basic treatment and care to patients on emergency scenes. Once licensed, EMR's are required to obtain minimum continuing education hours for recertification every two years.  



If you are interested in becoming an EMT, you are not required to first complete the EMR course prior to beginning this course.  EMT's are trained to provide emergency medical treatment for patients on emergency scenes.  EMT's are required to complete a minimum of 140 hours of classroom and practical skills training.




Medical Responders work to treat and prepare victims of medical emergencies for transport to the hospital. Medical Responders train to treat for trauma and medical emergencies of various types in accordance with treatment protocols.  We encourage our medical responders to become dual certified as either combat firefighters or rescue operators as well.  This would allow medical responders to participate in active rescues.  We also encourage medical responders to respond to and assist with fires as a support member by assisting with medical monitoring and rehabilitation of firefighters.


Medical responders have an opportunity to advance to higher levels of Emergency Medical Technician if they chose to do so, and were approved by the District.  Responders may also become certified drivers of non-fire apparatus such as the rescue unit.  



The in-district medical responder program provides on-call response services to the District.  You would be a home responder that is assigned a pager and will respond to emergencies when you are available to do so.  When the alarm sounds, the in-district responder's pager will activate alerting the responder of the type and location of an incident.  You would driver your personal vehicle to your assigned station and join other responders and staff to respond to the emergency.  In order to qualify you must reside within the Aurora Fire District and be willing to respond to at all hours.



We are currently accepting applications for out-of-district volunteers as well.  Although we encourage anyone interested in volunteering to attempt to volunteer for their nearest fire station, some organizations don't offer a volunteer program.  Out-of-district volunteers are required to complete the above requirements with the exception of living within our District.  Out-of-district volunteers are required to spend a minimum of 24 hours a month in one of our stations on standby to respond to emergencies.  Out-of-district volunteers assist with response by joining home responders and staff members to respond to all types of emergency response requests.


For additional questions please come see us or give us a call.  Information is listed below.







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