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CPR for Businesses

If you are a business looking to train your employees CPR/AED or CPR/AED & First Aid, please refer to the button link below.  The Aurora Fire District only provides this training to residents within our Fire District.  This link will provide you with the ability to search other AHA classes and instructors in your area who provide this service to businesses.  



Do you have what it takes to save a life?


You can, with training and certification through Aurora Fire and the American Heart Association (AHA).  


We offer online blended CPR training to the citizens within our Fire District at a minimal cost. You will receive training in proper CPR of Adults, children and infants. You will also receive training in how to help someone who is chocking, and basic first aid of injuries (If you chose the First Aid option).


This training will provide you with certification through the American Heart Association at the level you choose.


Online Blended Learning

Blended learning uses a combination of online, at your pace, learning that you would do on your own at home or work.  You would then come in to a scheduled class to put your newly learned skills to work by practicing in a short classroom session.  Blended learning allows you to do the classroom portion of the training at your pace and cuts the in class time down. You can then contact me for your classroom practical session to complete the class and obtain your card.


CPR / AED (Includes Adults, Children & Infants) - $70

CPR / AED / First Aid - $85

NOTE: Due to an AHA price increase, we were required to increase our prices for CPR courses to help cover expenses.  We are sorry for any inconvenience.


Full Classroom Training

The full classroom training involves the full class being taught in the classroom.  This is estimated to take about 5-6 hours to do the classroom and practical skills training. There must be a minimum of 6 people to conduct a classroom training course.  If you and family or friends wanted to do the training together, please contact us and we can schedule it.  Otherwise, if you are an individual looking to obtain your card, you will need to take the Online Blended Learning course.


The rate for in classroom training will be charged at the same rate per student as listed above.  

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You can sign up for a class or ask any questions by filling out the form to the left.  We look forward to hearing from you!










CPR & First Aid training is limited to Aurora Fire District Residents only.  We do not provide CPR/First Aid Training to Businesses.
Aurora Fire District proudly serves Aurora, Donald and Surrounding Areas in OREGON.
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