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Basic CERT
ABD CERT Course Flyer - March 2019 JPEG.


To receive your CERT Basic Certificate you are required to attend all of the training classes. Each CERT training class builds upon the previous session.



There is no cost to you to take this course. Course and activity materials will be provided courtesy of our sponsoring agency, Marion County Emergency Management.



Greg Leo

Contact Greg Leo at (503) 804-6391, or by email if you have additional questions.


More Information about CERT 

The Basic CERT course is an introduction to Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training and a refresher for current CERT members. The 10 units cover a variety of topics that include an introduction to CERT, fire safety, hazardous materials, terrorist incidents, disaster medical operations, and search and rescue.

Registration for this class is open to the public, but first priority for registration goes to people who live or work within the Aurora Fire District boundaries. We will keep a waiting list in case there are cancellations. We plan to hold additional classes in the Donald and St. Paul in the next year. We will keep a list of people interested in future Basic CERT training classes as well as Citizen Corps training opportunities.

Next Steps after Basic CERT

Once you graduate from CERT Basic Training, you have the option to participate as little or as often as you choose. There are many paths to explore:


  • Practice and refine your skills, such as: crowd management, light search & rescue, team organization, disaster medical operations, psychological first aid, and radio communications.


  • Educate the public on emergency preparedness through community events and presentations at schools, high-occupancy dwellings, and civic groups.


  • Provide assistance, upon request, with planned events and emergency situations for partners including Aurora Fire District and St. Paul Fire District.


  • Connect with other CERTs in your district and county and network with CERTs across the organization at regular meetings.


  • Join Citizen Corps, which requires completing these free online FEMA training courses: IS 100, IS 200, IS 700, IS 800 as well as pursuing additional live training and volunteer activities and opportunities throughout the year.

For information on the next CERT training course, please contact Greg Leo

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